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5 Magic Probiotic Filled Foods to Fit into Your Diet

1. Cucumbers

Being 96% water and full of antioxidants…cucumbers are healthy as sh*t. They also reduce swelling and bloating and are great to incorporate into your water. Pro tip: Eat some cucumbers the night before and/or day of a dance, wedding or formal event to look and feel great in your dress! 

2. Bananas

THIS SH*T IS BANANAS B- A- N- A- N- A- S! This potassium rich fruit is always a healthy choice for a snack. Bananas keep you full longer and also boost your metabolism! So stinkin’ good for you. 

3. Chili Peppers

Say what? Yes, chili peppers have health benefits and no, eating cups of salsa is not the same. This magic food kick starts your metabolism, has been proven to help you stick with your diet and prevents weight gain! If you can take the heat, add these to your diet! 

4. Ginger

This root is a natural remedy for an upset stomach and bloating. Ginger also helps manage weight and keep you feeling full longer. TRY IT I PROMISE IT’S NOT WEIRD! This will have you looking and feeling way healthier. 

5. Dark Chocolate

Cacao is good for you! Chocolate is healthy?! Well some is. Dark chocolate (anything above 65% cacao) has fatty acids which speed up your metabolism, which can keep your overall BMI lower and healthier. Spoiler: a piece of chocolate the size of a dental floss container is recommended…being healthy is hard. 



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