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5 Daily Affirmations to Manifest 

I think that starting the day off great requires you to have a positive mindset. One of the things that motivates me to get out of bed at the start of a new day is reading daily affirmations from my Pinterest board. Here are some positive daily affirmations to manifest at the start of each morning: 


1. I am grateful for my life  and I’m loved 

Starting the day off with a grateful heart gives you more appreciation for every day that you live. It truly also helps me forget the negative and remember the experiences and people that I am surrounded by. 


2. I choose to be happy today and to love myself 

Having a positive mindset allows you to have a good day. Also choosing to love and accept yourself allows you to think about the positive traits that you love about yourself. 


3. My possibilities are endless 

I think believing that you are capable of doing great things helps motivate you to want to keep learning and growing. Thinking in the near future about success and happiness allows you to grow confidence in yourself and your abilities. 


4. I will not worry about things that I cannot control

This is an affirmation that I really have to repeat. I tend to worry too much about the negative outcomes and sometimes I need to be reminded of this. Not everything you do is entirely in control and to let go and accept things that you have no control over such as getting rejected by a job. 


5. I will be kind to myself like I am with others 

I think that this is an important one to keep in mind. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and set high expectations for ourselves. I think that being kind to yourself applies to taking care of your body like a temple and also to stop being your inner critic. Also to treat yourself with the respect and kindness that you give to others. 


Hello! My name is Courtney Yamada, I am a junior at the University of Oregon, studying Public Relations and Advertising with a Business Administration minor. I am from Seal Beach, CA and have 2 shih tzus named Cody and Pepper back home. I love going to the beach or go on hikes with friends and family. I am excited to be a part of the HerCampus team to express myself through my writing! Sco Ducks!
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