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When COVID hit, I found myself digging through my old stack of highschool rom-com books. Everyone around me was doing something productive or educational. Some people started working out, and others discovered a new hobby. I began to notice the podcast trend among Gen Z, but I was hesitant to give them a try. Something about listening to a podcast made me think they only pertained to school-related topics. But one morning, I did an Instagram poll and discovered two Spanish podcasts that completely changed my perspective! 

Se Regalan Dudas

Se Regalan Dudas is a podcast created by a badass Latina duo: Ashley Frangie and Lety Sahagun. You can stream Se Regalan Dudas on Spotify and Apple Podcasts at no cost. With over five seasons, Se Regalan Dudas answers all of the questions you’ve been afraid to ask. The direct translation to the podcast is, We Gift Doubts. All episodes are in Spanish, except for one English episode with Latin artist Becky G. So whether you are learning Spanish or completely fluent, this podcast should be at the top of your list. People from all over the world form part of the Se Regalan Dudas community and tune in every Tuesday as Ash and Lety invite a new guest. A range of topics are discussed, from love and heartbreak to cultural barriers and mental health. Se Regalan Dudas is a judgment-free zone. 


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Make sure to check out their Instagram @seregalandudas for content that complements the latest episode and provides further resources. You won’t want to miss this colorful and aesthetic IG feed that will fill your timeline with encouraging graphics you’ll want to share with friends and family. And once you give the podcast a listen, check out their top-selling book, Se Regalan Dudas. They even have a weekly newsletter where you can receive exclusive content from guests. Ash and Lety invite you to their podcast every Tuesday, so mark your calendar!



I listen to Se Regalan Dudas every Tuesday, but Despertando has become part of my morning routine. Despertando is a spin-off created by the team at Se Regalan Dudas. The podcast invites you to press pause on your surroundings and establish your daily intentions. It’s a short-five-minute clip that will make a huge difference in the way your day rolls out. Topics range from personal reflections and meditation to encouraging words from a soothing voice. Despertando invites you to tune in every morning to live a more conscious life. 

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I love these podcasts so much that I often find myself hitting shuffle and playing 3-5 episodes while I stretch or do my yoga routine. Each episode will touch on something important in your life. Despertando also has an amazing Instagram feed @despertandopodcast. These are the types of encouraging posts you’ll want to see first thing when you grab your phone in the morning or if you find yourself mindlessly scrolling. Additionally, Despertando has recently launched a 28-day meditation program. These podcasts come with a ton of resources. You’re not alone after five minutes. You’ve joined an entire community. To get the most of these episodes, I made a playlist where I bookmarked all the ones I want to hear on any given day. This way, they are much easier to find! You have a ton of playlists already, so why not make one of your favorite podcasts.


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