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10 Things You Should Do This Thanksgiving Break

Now that Halloween has officially passed us by, it’s time to move onto a more wholesome holiday. That’s right, Thanksgiving. Go ahead and trade in your cat ears for wool sweaters and fuzzy socks because it’s time to get cozy. We’ve had our fun dressing up in costumes, going out, probably getting a bit too wild so now let’s settle in for a nice weekend at home where mom, aunt, grandma, someone who will hopefully have a freshly baked apple pie awaiting your arrival. Excited yet? Here are ten things you should do while enjoying the short but sweet Thanksgiving break. 


  1. Envelop your cat, dog, fish, gerbil, whatever cute pet you may or may not have in love. Even though they can’t say it, I’m sure they missed you! 

  2. Bake something…Thanksgiving includes all sorts of traditional foods so why not get caught up in the hype and go on a pie-making spree. Apple, pecan, pumpkin, mixed-berry. The list is endless. Whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, like your pie with ice cream or whipped cream on top there is sure to be a recipe out there for you. 

  3. Curate your Pinterest Boards. Now maybe this is random but think about it, fall is in full swing and you need to get your outfit inspo to the next level. Your winter essentials are about to make a comeback as the rain and maybe even the snow hit us full speed so you had better make sure you have everything you need. Cute stocking cap? Knee-high socks? Cute boots? We’re talking the full package. Pinterest is also the place to organize all your recipes, plan out your holiday decor, find your newest DIY project, and maybe even come up with some Christmas gift ideas. Let’s face it, Pinterest was made to take on the holiday season you just need to log on and make it happen.

  4. Go out to coffee with a friend from home. Nothing says fall like a chai tea latte and a wholesome check in with a good friend. 

  5. Take that cliche “throwing leaves” photo for Instagram. Yeah, you know the one. Find that lucky friend or more likely, younger sibling who just became your personal photographer until that perfect photo has been created. Yes, you’ll look annoying taking it and it’ll probably be embarrassing but think of the fall mems. Maybe even get one with your friend or sibling in it and the photo just became even better. Or you hope so because in this case, your mom or dad probably had to take it and we know their skills are less than pro. 

  6. Cook something with someone. Cooking is all about bonding and messing up recipes together make the best stories. 

  7. Share an incredible Thanksgiving meal with family or friends. Good food + amazing people = the happiest of humans with full bellies and fulfilled souls. No one can deny that conversation is just so much better over turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc. etc. etc. 

  8. Go for a walk or hike. Autumn is such a blessed time of year so you might as well take advantage of it while it’s here. Pretty soon all those gorgeous leaves we see all over the place are gonna drop from the trees and decompose into brown mush. It’s now or never baby.  

  9. Take a moment to acknowledge all of the beauty that surrounds you every day. You’re so lucky to be a part of this world with such fantastic people and things around you. Whether you take this moment over Thanksgiving dinner, on that hike, in the kitchen, or even watching tv at home with your family, all that matters is that you’re thankful for what you have and proud of where you are. 

  10. Finally, tell someone you love them. What better way to give thanks than by showing someone your appreciation for them and telling them how much you value their presence in your life. 

With all these fun things to look forward to, I hope y’all enjoy your Thanksgiving breaks with family, friends, significant others, your cat Marvin, or anyone else. Eat some pie for me!


So I'm writing, right? When suddenly all I can think about is Key Lime La Croix and avocado bagels and now look where we are. I live to entertain, educate, and empower you, my lovely reader. Thanks for coming along for the journey.
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