What It's Like To Take Summer Classes


Taking classes over the summer is a great way to get ahead of the game. You can catch up on those bacc core credits you always forget about, take a fun elective class, or get ahead with some classes within your major. Whatever your goal may be and however many credits you plan on taking summer classes are a great way to stay busy over the summer (plus for all you out-of-state students, during the summer everyone pays in-state tuition) and classes range from 1 week to 11 weeks depending on the course so you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy your summer. So what’s it like to take summer classes really? We here at Her Campus Oregon State are here to teach you a thing or two before you even crack a book.


1. You’re able to utilize the gym without all the long lines.


2. Your favorite coffee shop on campus is either closed or has limited hours.


3. You realize your classes are generally more fast paced over the summer.


4. You don’t have to deal with dodging your fellow students on the way to class.


5. You begin to see student athletes moving into the dorms.


6. You have time to read for fun and not just that expensive textbook you had to buy.


7. You realize it’s actually kind of nice to stick to a routine.


8. You love the flexibility of taking online classes.


9. You appreciate having less distractions to deal with.


10. You still dread your long lectures whether they are online or on campus.


11. Unlike fall or winter term classes you sweat like no other while typing away.


12. You can participate in the OSU summer session photo contest and could win $250.


13. You can check out Bard in the Quad, a mini Shakespeare festival on campus.


14. You have a chance to use the Craft Center between your lab classes.


15. There’s no line for happy hour at the bars.


Happy Summer Session Beaver Nation!