5 Tips for Staying Safe On & Around Campus

As a child we are taught certain survival skills to get us from day to day, such as "Look both ways before you cross the street," and "Don’t talk to strangers." Now that we are adults who live on our own and don’t have our parents around to protect us at all times, there are other dangers we have to worry about. Here are 5 tips to help you successfully stay safe on and around the Oregon State University campus.

1. Safe Ride

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Sometimes walking around alone late at night is inevitable. Maybe you are studying for midterms at the library, or you have a club meeting that you have to attend. Knowing the number for SafeRide can save you a walk and worry about being alone. This program will give you a lift from campus to home, or the other way around, within the SafeRide limits.

2. Blue Light Poles

There may be a time where you need help on campus immediately, and knowing your resources can keep you and others safe. You may have seen poles with blue lights on them on different corners of campus. They have a big red button that when pressed connects straight to 911. In case of emergency you can use one of these poles instead of fumbling around for your cell phone. 

3. Carry Pepper Spray

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No matter where you go, you can always bring pepper spray with you just in case. Most pepper sprays conveniently have a key ring so you can put them with your car keys. Just knowing you have this safety option can give you piece of mind while walking home at night or any time. Be sure to catch us in the MU Quad on Wednesday, April 29th to grab one from us for free! They are also sold in grocery stores and in the OSU bookstore for your convenience.

4. Wear a light or reflective patch

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While wearing dark clothing at night, it can be hard for drivers to see you well -- especially if the streets aren’t well lit. Make sure to wear bright clothing or a reflective patch while walking late at night, or especially while riding your bike and sharing the road with vehicles.

5. Keep your eyes on your drink

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College parties happen, and there will be a time you might attend one over the four years you are at OSU. If you do drink, remember to keep your eyes on your drink at all times, never accept a drink from someone that you weren’t able to see be made, and know your limits and drink responsibly. Also, having a buddy you can keep an eye on and who can keep an eye on you can keep you safe in a sticky situation.

These are my tips on staying safe on and around campus, let us know in the comments if you have any other helpful ideas!