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13 Ways to Get Ready for Fall Term

Whether you’re a first-term freshman or a graduating senior, going back to school is always a stressful time. You know you have to prepare not only for classes but for club meetings, chapter dinners, and your busy work schedule. Her Campus Oregon State is here to help you with your to-do list before then so you can feel cool and collected before your first class.


1. Compare textbook prices online to get the best deal.

Amazon, Slug Books, and OSU Textbook Exchange groups often have much better deals on textbooks so take your time and search before you commit to spending $100 on a book you could have found for $20.


2. Purchase a planner.

Absolutely purchase a planner. You may think you can remember every single assignment or test date but it’s definitely better to have it all mapped out to make your life easier. Also, keep your eyes peeled as the first week back groups on campus normally give out free planners!


3. Talk with your roommate(s).

It’s important to talk to your roommates when you get to campus to figure out sleep schedules, talk about how you feel about visitors, your thoughts on drinking, and to compare what shared items both of you are bringing such as mini-fridges or water filters.


4. Check your school email for any updates from your professors.

Some professors send out emails beforehand and may even have assignments due your first day back at school so check your email sooner rather than later to see if this is the case.


5. Print out copies of your fall term schedule.

Either having a print copy of your schedule or having one on your phone is important your first week to help you memorize it as the weeks go on. Figure out what format works for you.


6. Know your class route for every day of the week.

If you can I would walk or bike the route you will take between classes. This will help you gauge your timing especially when you have classes that are back to back and seem to be on opposite sides of campus.


7. Re-load your Orange Cash account for eating on campus.

Whether you’re on a dining plan or not Orange Cash can be helpful as well as it lets you eat at the restaurants in the MU and get coffee at the numerous cafes around campus. This can be extremely useful when you forget to eat breakfast and need a snack between classes to tide you over.


8. Buy any last minute dorm room supplies you may need like bed lifters.

Or crucial items like this Doge pillow. Whatever floats your boat.


9. Get a Fit Pass at Dixon to work in some fun exercise classes!

Fit Pass classes at Dixon are a great way to feel more accountable to working out. When you’re paying for it and you have a teacher watching you and that help you with your form you’re more likely to keep returning.


10. Think about how you want to get more involved. We have 300+ options!  

There is truly an option for everyone wanting to get more involved at OSU whether it’s the 3-D printing club, our own fashion magazine here on campus, or one of our 48 Greek organizations.


11. Purchase school supplies like pencils, pens, and highlighters that you’ll want multiples of.

The sooner you get to the Beaver Store, Office Max, or Staples the less likely it is to be a madhouse. The less stressful the shopping experience, the better.


12. Re-stock your wardrobe with a few fall pieces like scarves, boots, or a rain jacket in your favorite color.

Especially if you’re coming here from sunny California you’re going to need some wardrobe updates. No need to buy a whole new wardrobe but stop by one of our many thrift stores downtown and purchase some stylish updates on a budget.


13. Take time to relax.

Don’t forget to take some me time amongst all the craziness. Self-care is important and crucial as you enter the term and all that it brings. If you need a resource for dealing with your stress, Counseling & Psychological Services is a great place to start and you can even book an appointment to use their massage chair!


Back to school time is upon us.

Buckle up Beaver Nation!


Madeline is a Senior at Oregon State majoring in Merchandising Management and minoring in writing. She was the 2016-'17 president of Chi Theta Phi, a local design sorority on campus. If she's not in class, at a club meeting, chapter, or writing, she's probably spending time with her family, friends, walking her dogs, eating junk food, or watching too many crime, comedy, or fashion shows on Netflix. She likes cheese, dogs, creative projects, obnoxious animal prints, garage sales, farmer's markets, and generally just being silly. 
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