13 Dogs That Are Studying Harder Than You

It’s that magical time of the term where along with juggling your work schedule, social life, and regular homework assignments you also have tests, quizzes, papers, and group projects to show that you can survive five weeks of classes. In this trying time we thought we would bring you what you need the most: puppies! And to further inspire you to greatness (or at least not failing all your classes) they’re scholarly pups ready to work.


1. This dog means business.


2. This dog just started the reading and is already confused.


3. This dog is a multi-tasking machine.


4. This dog is dressed for success.


5. This dog is so done with his reading already.


6. This dedicated philosophy major with a lot on his mind.


7. This dog who’s so ready for his presentation.


8. This freshman pupper who doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.


9. These puppy lovers on a study break.


10. This dog who isn’t even pretending to study anymore.


11. This dog who’s brushing up on her history notes.


12. This dog who’s debating shitting on some scantrons.


13. This dog who who can’t get anything done without his morning cup of joe.


Now get back to studying Beaver Nation!

What kinds of puppies inspire you to stick to studying? Let us know in the comments below!