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How My Roommate & I HGTV’d Our Dorm

My roommate Brielle & I gave our dorm room an affordable, much needed HGTV makeover. When we first met on the transfer page, we immediately agreed that the room needed to look perfect. We were both really passionate about making the room look cozy & adorable. We knew we didn’t have much space, so we did the best we could. We had our HGTV brainstorm ideas that we shared with each other constantly. I eventually ended up making a board on Pinterest called “Dorm Décor” to save all of my pins that I thought were worthy of being in our room. 

We first started with what our color schemes would be. We agreed our concrete, base color would be dark gray. My color to compliment the dark gray was lavender and hers was a soft yellow. We agreed on matching dark gray bedding that we both found at TJ Maxx that had three rows of mini tassels on the bottom. On our own time, we bought pillows to complement our color schemes for the bed. Brielle had a massive number of pillows compared to mine. 

We replaced our Red Dragon closet curtains with dark gray ones from Walmart. Along with my addition to the room, I invested in a marble peel-and-stick wall decorator for my bed, a large glittery E, a tapestry, photos, and other décor. Brielle contributed beautifully to the room with her peel-and-stick brick wall décor, DIY plant holders, DIY hexagon shelves, and a canopy above her bed. 

Sometimes its a challenge for everyone getting used to having a roommate. When you both dedicate time to making the room feel homey & comfortable, it makes the experience ten times better. At the end of a long day it feels great knowing that being in my room can help relieve my stress & anxiety that built up throughout the day. I love having things neat & put together, & when my room is that way my life is so much easier! So, my advice to you is get those HGTV brainstorm ideas & transform your room into a million dollar idea!



Emma Muirhead

Oneonta '19

Senior graduating from SUNY Oneonta with a B.S. in Communication Studies. 
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