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The 10 Self-Care Habits We All Need

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

College is A LOT. Trying to Elle Woods your way through the semester, maintain a social life, while finding the time to rewatch all nine seasons of The Office, college can get a little overwhelming. However, it is essential to always make time for yourself. Whether it’s between my 9am and my 12pm, or right before I go to sleep, I always find at least a little time to treat myself. Implementing these little things into my day makes me feel that much better.  Here are 10 easy habits to get you started!

1. Use a self-care calender!

I am OBSESSED with self-care calendars. It’s a fun way of putting yourself on the agenda.

2. Keep a journal!

At the end of the day I always love writing whatever is on my mind, the good and the bad. It’s rewarding to see all of the pages fill up when your consistent and  it’s  fun to look back on your experiences.

3. Develop self-love!

Self-love is so important. It’s sad to see a lot of my peers who are beautiful inside and out put themselves down and not see their worth. There are many ways to boost your appreciation for yourself such as; straighten your posture, groom yourself, reject negative thoughts, give yourself compliments, being kind, and many more.

4. Develop a skin care routine!

Once you get in the groove of it, it’s actually really satisfying and optimal for clean and healthy skin.

5. Laugh out loud! 

Laughter decreases stress hormones and releases endorphins. So one might say binge watching The Office is good for you?

6. Declutter!

Being in a messy environment can be toxic. Simple tasks like making your bed and organizing your desk can be that extra thing you needed to conquer the day.

7. Dance like no one’s watching!

Call me crazy, but Fergie’s Duchess album is the greatest album of all time! Channel your inner pop-culture diva and put on a show. Dancing is not only a great form of exercise, it also makes you happier and less stressed.

8. Do some yoga or an energizing workout!

You don’t even have to go to the gym to stay fit. It can be as easy as plopping your laptop on your bed and searching workouts on YouTube.

9. Spend time with loved ones!

Hanging out with a friend is a perfect way to keep yourself happy and sane. Every Wednesday my friends from home and I always video chat and it’s always a blessing to hear all of our old corny inside jokes.

10. Put your phone down!

Studies show that spending less time on your phone reduces stress and makes people happier. Try supplementing an hour of alternating between Instagram and Snapchat for watching a movie or reading a book.


Never forget to add yourself to the schedule. It’s both easy and fun to do little things you love. Stay fabulous.



Emily Barry

Oneonta '19

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Barry and I am currently a senior at SUNY Oneonta! I am a biochemistry student and when I'm not drowning in assignments, I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and binge watch shows on Netflix! Keep up with my articles or follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@emilyrose0328) to get a glimpse at what's going on with me!