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Meet Ole Miss Campus Cutie, Ukwuoma Ukairo

The Her Campus staff at Ole Miss wants to introduce you to Ukwuoma Ukairo! Ukwuoma is a fabulous, hard-working, and versatile woman who brightens the lives of so many on this campus! She is an African American Studies major involved in the Associated Student Body, Black Student Union, Student Alumni Council, and Ole Miss Ambassadors. “Ukwuoma is a vibrant, young lady full of life. Her light goes well beyond her soul and extends to her surroundings. With any obstacle that life throws her way, Ukwuoma can always conquer it with bravery and resilience. She is a true woman of faith sharing the joy of Christ everywhere she goes,” Kynnedi Henry, Her Campus Ole Miss writer, explains. She’s had some obstacles she’s had to overcome throughout college but she gave us great advice for making it on the Ole Miss campus, what inspires her to be her best, and what makes her love Ole Miss.

HC Ole Miss: What are some goals you plan on reaching this year?

Ukwuoma: To become more organized, connect with more people directly outside of organizations, get different perspectives of the university through community engagement and attending events!


HC Ole Miss: What advice would you give to someone coming to Ole Miss?

Ukwuoma: Find people who make you your best self, and hold them close. College can be hard, sometimes even feel insurmountable but rough times are never forever and easier to triumph through with good people. Also, look for things that excite you. Study and explore things that are worth your stress and intellect, find people who epitomize the #OleMissFamily.


HC Ole Miss: What inspires you to be the best that you can be?

Ukwuoma: My people–mainly the women who sacrificed so that I could be here. I can’t imagine how many times my mom said no to herself to say yes to me, or how many times my grandmother went without so that I could have extra. A lot of my life is for them, for being examples of hard work, diligence, and strength, but also fostering kindness, love, and respect for others.

HC Ole Miss: What kind of legacy do you hope to leave behind at Ole Miss when you graduate?

Ukwuoma: A legacy of community. Being in the community and helping others as well as being helped and guided by so many and being intentional and mindful with the people around me.


HC Ole Miss: What fosters your love for this university?

Ukwuoma: The people, the people who push for our university to be its best self and serve all members of the student body, regardless of background or future plans. The university has given me some of my closest friends, fondest memories, and worthwhile experiences, and I am so grateful for it!


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