Find Happiness Wherever You're At

By Autumn Fortenberry

While talking with a friend the other night, we began to reflect on our freshman year experience at Ole Miss. Freshman year brought about a whirlwind of highs and lows as we moved away from home, experienced shifts in relationships, and learned to provide and care for ourselves on our own. We started to discuss how different, and maybe better, our lives could have been if we had gone to other schools or become involved in other activities on campus.

“I just know that I would have fit in so well at that college,” she said.

“I would be truly happy there.”

I disagreed with these statements. I don’t think that a place alone can cause a person to simply be happy. In my opinion, happiness manifests itself when a person becomes content with themselves and learns to find good people and opportunities in a place. Unforeseen obstacles and uncomfortable situations will arise no matter where someone lives, but we have the power to change how we react to the negative input in our own lives.

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

It’s easy to get caught up in the “What Ifs?” What if I had taken a leap and applied to the prestigious college across the country? What if I had become involved with Greek life here? Maybe I would find more like-minded people at a different school, or maybe I would have enjoyed the culture of other cities. Nonetheless, I cannot change my current circumstances, but I can change my mindset. I can choose to see the positive results of attending Ole Miss and choose to find happiness here. This school allowed me to travel across the country to conduct research with my closest friends, and the academic programs here have helped me gain an internship with a large campaign for the summer. I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I have formed here and the opportunities that lie ahead. Altogether, I am happy here.