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Exam week is over. 


It always strikes me as weird every time that happens. I always feel this listlessness after it. Like I don’t have anything I’m working towards anymore. I put all of myself into these exams and then all of a sudden, there is nothing left. 


But now that exams are over I find myself needing to decompress. Here are a list of things that I do as soon as exams are over: 


  • Hang out with friends and just take a break from complaining and whining. It is my favorite thing to do during exam week, but as soon as its over I try to put all the negativity behind me as I work on being present around friends. This year we played board games after going out to dinner together. 
  • Go back to family. Yes, it is always sad to leave friends, but there is no better feeling than going back to your own bed and laying in it for hours at a time. 
  • Treat yourself. This can look like going to get your nails done or getting a massage or it can be as simple as turning off your phone for a few hours and refusing to look at it. 
  • Sleep. Do it. Your body will thank you. 
  • Catch up on all the things you neglected during the week. Text that person back that you ignored. Respond to that email. Just get back on top of it


While I feel like this semester is an endless series of I just need to make it through this week, the break is a good time to get back to a clean slate. 

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