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Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Meeting the Head of PR for Warner Bros.

By Abbey Edmonson

In the spirit of all things #girlpower I thought I’d share my experience with a firecracker of a woman, named Deb Lincoln. Deb is the head of PR for Warner Bros. Entertainment, and I had the pleasure of meeting her last summer while I was in London. I was taking a journalism class in London. Our professor provided us with the incredible opportunity to meet many amazing and inspiring people; my favorite was Deb. She gave us her whole spiel about how she got to where she was today. Basically, her main advice was, if everything is going right, you aren’t moving fast enough. She spent her whole life jumping from job to job, but each job was one that she loved. She said she never had a job that she didn’t like, and as soon as she realized she was losing interest, she moved on to something else. Because of that, she gained oodles of experience, and important people recognized that.

We shouldn’t be focusing on a job just because of money. We should be pursuing areas that actually interest us and give meaning to our lives. If you love what you do, then the benefits will follow. Look at Deb. She just kept going for what she wanted, and she ended up being the PR representative for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. She’s also really good friends with my childhood hero, J.K. Rowling (she called her Jo). I mean, can you get more empowering than that? My day with Deb is something that I will forever treasure and never forget. Because of her, I found a new motivation to keep pursuing what I love, no matter how uncertain the future of that profession may be. It’s your life, and you’re allowed to be selfish with your professional choices.

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