Six Nighttime Running Essentials

As the months pass, it seems like more and more women are becoming the victims of assault during solo runs. Nighttime runs are unavoidable if you’re an outdoor runner with a 9-5 schedule during the dark fall and winter months, so why not be prepared? These six items are sure to make your run (and maybe even your life) and whole lot safer.


1. Personal Alarm


If you’re the type of girl who knows you can’t stand up to an attacker this is an amazing choice. With just the press of a button this will sound an alarm loud enough for people to hear it all the way down the block. Another great feature is the fact that you can keep it on your arm so it is always accessible.


2. Pepper Spray (gel based)


I can personally tell you that I highly recommend this product and I constantly buy it as a gift for friends. The strap allows you to hold it in your hand so your attacker can’t get it away from you. When shopping for pepper spray, make sure to buy the gel based option because regular pepper spray is not safe for use on a windy day (trust me).


3. Flashlight/Stun Gun

The marriage of a flashlight and stun gun can easily be described as a nighttime runner’s favorite accessory. The loud thundering sound of the electric current is enough to scare off any attacker. Not only will this hurt your attacker but it will also temporarily debilitate them, giving you time to escape. WARNING: To avoid death do not hold this on anyone for more than 6 seconds, the current is very strong.


4. ID for your sneakers


More often than not, when you go out for a run you do not take any form of identification with you. In the event that something was to happen to you this would be an ideal item to have on your person. This handy little tag goes right on your sneaker and can be engraved with all your necessary personal/health information.


5. Reflective Clothing


Always remember to wear reflective clothing when you’re out on a nighttime run. Nothing would be worse than getting hit by a car because they can’t see you and you can’t hear them with your work out jams turned up.

6. Adopt a friend

Your local pet adoption center is filled to the brim with Pitbull’s and mixed breed dogs just waiting to find a human to love. I’ve had my Pitbull/Dalmatian Indiana Jones since my brother found him abandoned at Home Depot four years ago. He is quite possibly the sweetest Pitbull to ever walk the earth but if you try to hurt me he will eat you! He knows his job is to keep my family safe and our job is to feed him, walk him and give him a loving home- we all win! Nobody would dare bother me when we’re out together on a jog.