Let's Get Grazed!

Brace yourself for the best snacking experience! Graze snack boxes manage to take healthy snacking to a new level especially you are the type of person that is ALWAYS hungry. But isn't it true that it's better to eat smaller meals more frequently during the day rather than a giant meal at once? With Graze, the items are meant to benefit your body while also satisfying and curbing hunger.

My first time, I was offered a coupon with a free monthly membership and a six-pack box of tasty samplers for only $5.25 (the shipping was $4.24 without any additional tax). My treats arrived the next week in an immaculately packed cardboard box with the logo and some eye-catching graffiti on the sides. I believe that simplicity is more attractive, especially compared to a similiar competitor, Naturebox, which was more complex.

Inside the cardboard box, each snack pack was stacked in two rows of three in another cardboard carton so I was able to take one out and leave the rest in storage. It was my makeshift Graze shelf! It was very cute and minimalist but most of all very easy for a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. The best part wasn't just the snack itself but the pamphlet that provided the name of each snack, a short description of the ingredients, and nutritional value. Each snack had a different expiration date which next to the name. Another interesting fact I realized from the pamphlet was that each snack was prepared according to the season. This added far more variety and confirmed freshness regardless of the produce being dehydrated. So what were these delicious treats that I was lucky enough to indulge in?

The first snack I tried were Cocoa & Vanilla Protein Flapjacks. The incredients included rolled oats (they contained gluten), soy protein crispies, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and cocoa powder. For someone that doesn't have a sweet tooth or any appeal for granola bars, these flapjacks rocked my world. They were a combination of a healthy rice-crispy treat and a granola bar. They were neither too hard to bite, nor too chewy to stick between your teeth and filling enough for a quick bite in between classes. I felt energized and quenched rather than the usual crappy feeling I'd get after eating chocolate. There was also a gluten-free option provided but I wasn't going to go that far with my newfound "health-binge." 

So, one pack down, five more to go, five more days of hunger quelled by healthy yet delicious options! Next, I decided it was time for a little spice and that is exactly what I got. This aromatic delight named Pro Power is a nutty combination of well-seasoned goodies containing cashews, edamame beans, and spicy chickpeas flavored with black pepper, salt and chilli powder. This was an amazing mix of bold, elegant flavors arisen from simply salt, pepper, chili and lemon. These little munchies could be eaten alone, added to a salad or even utilized as an additional flavor option for sauces and dressing. Such a versatile little picnic!

Sugar, spice and everything nice doesn't just made up the Powerpuff Girls after all. But what was in the Garden Of England pack, you ask? Since the box I received was a hand-picked combination of winter-themed ingredients, and also since Graze specializes in seasonal snacks, my pack was prepared like a three or four-course meal. And what is a complete meal without some fruit? This pint-sized bowl rich with antioxidants consisted of dried apples, strawberries, and black currants. It was a refreshing break for my grease-filled stomach, and gave my body the extra vitamins and minerals that I was in dire need of. The soft apple pieces were like sweet chips, flavored naturally with their own sugar and provided a surprising little zing. Paired with the strawberries and black currants this bundle of brightness was the perfect amalgam of candied tartness.

And of course, fruit is often a popular pairing with cheese and being an obsessive connoisseur of cheese, I wanted to save the best for last but I couldn't resist the temptation. Cheese has been scientifically proven to aid in digestion among other functions but it still carries a stigma of being the devil's delight due to its high calorie levels, and high fat and cholesterol content. The Cheese Board will help you overcome that stigma. It comprises of roasted cashews with cheesey seasoning, "cheddar cheese bruschetta," mature cheddar cheese, and baked herb bites.

This robust medley of roasted nuts, baked croutons and crackers, all flavored with a different type of cheese provides a gratifying experience because of the simplicity, the subtlty of the seasoning and the crafty use of ingredients.  I felt as though this one was meant to be the "Cheater's Pack," though.

Following this cheesy explosion was the final savory pack. As the name suggests, the Beet Chips With Jalapeno Chickpeas And Sunflower Seeds is a lighter, innocuous, and compensatory alternative to any generic bag of potato chips fried in vegetable oil or even baked. Containing a mere 5g of Total Fat Per Serving, this delectable nosh managed to create the perfect combination.

The final destination, the sensation that will cause your emancipation from this saliferous, tangy bundle is the Salted Fudge And Peanut Butter Cookie. An amazing life-hack I discovered that made these saucy-sweet treats even better was to use them as yogurt topping!

The variety provided by Graze makes for an incredible snacking experience. I definitely preferred this to Naturebox. The time is now to turn "couch-potato culture" into a less stigmatized, more healthy way of life!


Photos courtesy of the author.