I Went Raw Vegan For A Week and This is What Happened

Being raw vegan is not unhealthy! It's basically eating plant based food that can be eaten raw. So for a week, I was only eating fruits, salads and nuts. Actually, I'm lying! I only lasted four days! Originally, I wanted to last seven days because it's something you have to get used to. Eating raw is detoxing. For some people it's a lifestyle, that's the only way they eat. I'm vegan, so to be honest, I thought I had this in the bag. I said to myself, "I can handle living without meat and dairy, so I can survive eating raw for sure!" I went on YouTube and I spent  a week watching "meal prep" videos, "what it's like to be raw" videos and I got addicted to watching this lifestyle pretty quickly.  I mean these girls look amazing! They have the biggest smiles on their faces, their skin in glowing like they swallowed the sun, (I don’t recommended swallowing the sun!) and they look so energetic. I was ready to start this. I was so excited and I started telling people, "I got this, I'm so excited to go raw." I kept reminding myself though that this is a detox. At first, there will be side effects. Some people breakout, so I might, I will definitely go to the bathroom a lot more. I went to the supermarket and stocked up on fruits and vegetables. I was so happy to be shopping all healthy food, and a lot of it. I felt so proud of myself! All this happiness lowered when I got to the cashier. Jeez! I did not think this through. It was a lot more money than I wanted to spend. On my way home, all I could think of was "I better eat all this food. None of it can go bad." I kept thinking, "This better be worth it. Thank goodness it's only for a week."

Day one

My apartment smelled of fruits and I couldn’t wait to eat half of a watermelon, and have some grapes later and whatever I can put peanut butter on. Oh how I love peanut butter! I made sure to keep eating because being raw, two thing can happen; you may either be hungry or too full. I wanted to feel satisfied. I kept hydrating and eating fruits and vegetable. Huh? It wasn’t that bad.

Day two

I did the same. I kept my raw life in tact by I meal prepping and everything. I made a chocolate smoothie for breakfast that day and I was feeling so energized. I'm a coffee lover, but I felt so energized that I was afraid I'd bee hyper with the caffeine. One of the perks of going fully raw is that you have a lot more energy to burn because of all the fruits and veggies. With that said, that day all I wanted to do was run around campus to burn this energy. Imagine I had caffeine, I would’ve felt electricity in my veins.  Plus  jeez,  did I go to the bathroom! It was constant!

Day three

I took fruit snacks to school. I was starving. All I could think of was brown rice, black beans, guacamole and lettuce! That awesome burrito bowl from Moe's is so delicious, it’s literally all I could think about.. Food! Must have cooked food! I didn’t cheat though, I stayed strong.

Day four

I brought food to school. I brought a lot and I ate it all! That's when I experienced feeling too full. I was afraid of that because being too full is super uncomfortable and I hate it. Believe it or not, that doubled my energy and that wasn’t fun either. Imagine being in class all day, where you can't walk around, jump or do any cardio, but your body is begging for it. I didn’t want to see fruits or vegetables or any kind of food ever again that day.


Day five

Burrito bowl I want you so much! That day I didn’t pack to much for school. Just a sliced apple with peanut butter, carrots and celery. I got home and I was still craving that burrito bowl. What happened you wonder? I cooked! I made that bowl just how I like it and I enjoyed every bit of it!

With that said, I'm proud I lasted four days and I will definitely try this again. Though I didn’t last long, I loved the tone of energy that I had! I felt invincible which was good, considering it was midterm week. Next time I will know how to pack my food better and I will definitely eat a burrito bowl before I start!