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How To Get Involved With Politics At School

Getting involved in school activities can be daunting, especially when you want to get involved in politics. Luckily at SUNY Old Westbury, there are clubs dedicated to students making a political impact. Whether you attend SUNY OW and want to know what’s available, or just want ideas as to what clubs to get involved in/start at your school, here are some of the political organizations at the good ol’ OW.

Yesterday concluded this semester’s Club Bash. The atrium was lined with every club SUNY Old Westbury has to offer. The variety included sororities and fraternities, a club for every nationality you can think of, Her Campus (of course!), the tech club, the radio club and so many more. It also included three clubs that offer a platform for those with politically inclined activist minds.

If you’re interested in politics, economics and law, join the PEL Club. They inspire empowerment through knowledge and action. They just co-sponsored the DACA Panel on September 18, and are organizing new events that include a panel on Latin Activists, a Halloween costume fundraiser, and a 2016 Election Anniversary event in November! They provide amiable discussion on recent events, and are always looking for diverse views. You can find them on Wednesdays during common hour in room 3111.

If the United Nations strikes your interest, come join the new UN Club! They are a national charter club associated with the UNA-USA under the UN Foundation. Their goal is to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals such as eradicating world hunger, clean energy for all, and eliminating violence against women and children. The club provides access to member only UN events and special internships! Their first event will be celebrating UN Day in October, and anyone is welcome to swing by after the PEL meetings. Same day, same room since both clubs aim to inspire change in the world but through different paths!

And our third new political club is Young Americans for Liberty. Also a national organization, they inspire to “identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to ‘winning on principle.” Their goal is to “cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government”. If that isn’t amazing enough, they also hand out  constitution booklets! I always keep mine handy on campus. To get your own, head over to the game room on Mondays during common hour!

Senior at SUNY Old Westbury. Political activist who enjoys Ferragamo, cats and the color green.
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