5 GIFs That Explain Midterm Week

Midterm season is here, and it’s safe to say most college students are freaking out about the impending array of exams and papers. These five GIFs explain the stages of finals week pretty well:

1. That moment when you realize your exam is tomorrow and you haven’t opened a book at all this semester.

2. When you open your exam only to find out the entire thing is short answer questions.

3. When it’s 11:57pm and your paper is due at 11:59pm.

4. When you’ve taken 4 exams and written 4 papers in a span of 5 days and you’re feeling a little (okay, a lot) burnt out.

5. When midterm week is finally over and you get to take a much needed nap.

Here’s to surviving midterm week — spring break is within reach!