My Daily Routine for Hair Growth

I have been wearing extensions ever since my sophomore year of high school. I decided in late January that it was time to ditch the fake hair and be a little more natural. It has taken a lot of getting used to but it sure has made getting ready every morning a whole lot faster. Being a junior in college with a boyfriend out of state I could care less about my looks. However, I still want my hair to be long and lucious. Within the past few months I have tried several different hair care products to help speed up the process. All of these methods are incredibly inexpensive and easy to use!

Photo by Hailey Reed on Unsplash

1. Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Rapid Grow Leave In

This product is so easy to use. All you do is squirt a bit into your hand after you shower and rub it in from the roots to the end. This is a leave in product so you do not have to worry about anything once it is in,  It makes your hair soft and shiny all while helping it grow! Not only does it help with growth but helps heal split ends and detangles. It contains Vitamin E, caffeine and ginseng. You can get this product at any ulta store.


2. Castor Oil

Castor oil works for just about anything. After doing some research, I found that castor oil can really help develop long and strong hair. I mix about a drop or two of the product along with my shampoo and let it sit while I wash my face. Castor Oil is is best known for promoting healthy skin and hair. I would caution while using this to make sure that you do not over do it with this. Adding too much castor oil can cause your hair to become super oily. Make sure to only use one or two small squirts. You can buy this product just about anywhere. They also make castor oil that is specifically made for hair growth. I will be testing one of those products out soon so stay tuned for a review. You can purchase the one I currently have here.


3. Biotin

Biotin is a water-based vitamin. Biotin not only helps with hair growth but also helps break down carbs. So, not only can you lose weight while taking this but grow out your hair and have healthy nails and skin. Taking a biotin vitamin once a day can help boost hair growth as it helps improve keratin which is a protein of hair, skin and nails. Some women crush biotin pills and place them in their shampoo however I simply take one or two per day to help my hair grow. It is sold at any super-store and online. I purchased mine at Walmart. You can purchase smaller or larger bottles and it be cheap.


4. Prenatal Vitamins

Like biotin, prenatal vitamins come with a lot of other benefits such as calcium, folic acid and iron. Personally, I struggle with iron deficiency so I have more than one reason behind taking this vitamin. Prenatal vitamins are a one a day supplement that will keep you healthy and help your hair grow. This vitamin is also known to be crushed up and placed into shampoo to help with growth. I only take this vitamin once a day and do not directly place it in my shampoo. Since it is a vitamin it can be bought almost anywhere. I use this brand from Walmart.


5. Keeping It Natural

The hardest method out there (at least for me) is keeping my hair natural. I have naturally curly hair but I have been straightening it forever. I have eased my way into embracing my natural hair and trying to keep the heat off of it. Above all, I’m pretty sure this is the most effective method. Using heat products drys out your hair and causes a ton of damage but it’s so damn addicting. If you really want your hair to grow, try to keep the heat off of it. Embrace your natural hair!