I Use Essential Oils & It's Not What You Think

Photo by Anis M on Unsplash

I started using essential oils at the beginning of the year, building on my collection slowly. I was curious about what they did and how they could replace some of the more toxic things in my life.


What I read on Pinterest, alarmed me. Some you could ingest, some brands you could ingest all of them, some of them you couldn't ingest any of them, and some brands were purer than others. I was confused, trying to decipher the different options.


I took the plunge, purchasing a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, that included a diffuser, lavender, peppermint, lemon, copaiba, frankincense, thieves, citrus fresh, RC, DiGize, PainAway, and StressAway. The starter kit also included smaller samples, an essential oil guide, and their cleaner sample.


I started using my oils immediately, primarily in a diffuser. But I also tested different beauty backs, also on Pinterest, and started getting more comfortable with using them to replace other products.


Diffusing oils like lavender or StressAway have produced a calming sense, especially at night. I've slept better since I started using the diffuser. Some other oils have helped boost my mood, relaxed me, or provided me some respiratory benefits as well.


I use oils and it's not what you think. I'm not here to tell you to buy a specific brand, to ingest them, or throw out everything you own. There are some ladies out there who have oil businesses, taking charge of their clients and telling them to stop using all toxic products.


There are benefits of using essential oils, instead of other products. Essential oils, unlike some medications, have little to no side effects for using them. If someone were to take a prescribed medication for sleep, they'd experience some side effects in the morning like grogginess or the inability to sleep the next night. If someone were to use essential oils like lavender for sleep, individuals are more relaxed and experience no grogginess the next morning from diffusing the oil.


Essential oils can also relieve stress, increase memory capabilities, boost energy levels, speed up healing and recovery of wounds, help improve sleep, and enhance the immune system.


If one were interested in starting oils, do your research and find a company you'd be comfortable purchasing from. Not all essential oils come from the same place and they don't have the same quality. Do not ingest oils internally without first reading the label or consulting a physician.


There are some benefits of changing to more natural products or replacing toxic soaps or other products that might have harsh scents. However, the choice is ultimately yours on what you consume. Be aware of what you consume and the products you utilize.