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How to Prevent Getting Sick Every Other Week in College

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Over the eight weeks that I have been at college, I have gotten sick way more than eight times. Every other week, I seem to be coming down with a cold or a fever and frankly, I am so sick of it. So, I did some research and found out some of the best tips for preventing sickness. 


1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

Water seems to be the key for every solution, but especially when it comes to sickness. Hydrating helps to make you less tired and helps to build a strong immune system, so be sure to keep drinking your water!


2. Tea>Coffee

I am an avid coffee drinker, but when I am starting to feel sick, I switch to tea. I just swap out my normal order of iced coffee to either chai tea or matcha tea. Coffee can suppress the effectiveness of your immune system, so when you can, switch it up to caffeinated tea. 


3. Sleep!!

While I agree that getting a lot of sleep in college is hard, it’s a must when it comes to preventing sickness. Not getting enough sleep can seriously damage your body’s immune system so try sleeping more!


4. Load Up on Vitamin C 

Vitamin C can be extremely beneficial when it comes to not getting sick. Having a couple oranges a day can go a long way in making it less likely for you to get sick. In addition, you can get Vitamin C tablets and powder to make it even easier to getting your daily dose. 


5. Clean Your Room

Deep cleaning your room and washing your sheets every two weeks will remove germs and bacteria. This is super beneficial, especially if you’ve been sick, when it comes to preventing sickness. 


While these tips will help, sometimes sickness is inevitable. In this case, make sure to stock up on cold medicine, cough drops, and Vaporub. Don’t be afraid to skip class if you don’t feel well. Take a trip to Goddard Health Center. Be sure to take care of yourself and put your health first!


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