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The Best Healthy Snacks to Refuel & Boost Energy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oklahoma chapter.

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It’s really easy to munch on bags of chips or random crackers. However, not all of those snacks at the Caf or the Union are the healthiest or will boost your energy in that mid-afternoon slump. Instead of reaching for more chips or other carb laden snacks, try some of these snacks to help refuel and boost your energy.


1. Lara Bars

These perfect bars are made with few ingredients that are tasty and healthy. There are over nineteen flavors available for any appetite. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is amazing!

2. Luna Bars

These little bars are able to give you some energy and hold you over between meals. These bars are gluten free and come in a variety of flavors like lemon, chocolate peppermint stick or chocolate dipped coconut. Each has about eight grams of protein which is the perfect snack!

3. Forto Coffee Shots

Fast Coffee Energy Shots! These are ready to drink coffee shots that are made with special cold brew. These shots are only made with natural ingredients. Flavors include Hershey’s Latte, Black Coffee, Vanilla Latte and a special Pumpkin Spice edition.

4. Horizon Chocolate Milk

These perfect little cartons fit in a dorm fridge, are portable and are tasty with protein! Horizon’s milk cartons come in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

5. Almonds

This nut is packed with healthy fats that keep you feeling full longer. Almonds are also helpful in building stronger muscles.

6. Bananas

These are great in smoothies or alone as a perfect on the go snack. Bananas are packed full of potassium which promotes healthy muscles. (Who wants a muscle cramp? Not me!)

7. Cheese Sticks

These are perfect on the go versions of a healthy protein. Eat these alone, with crackers or fruit for a boosted snack.

8. Skinny Pop Popcorn

This popcorn is absolutely delicious and healthy! One serving is around thirty-nine calories which won’t hit your waistline too much. They’ve got tons of good flavors like white cheddar, pepper jack, sweet & salty kettle, real butter and sea salt & pepper. Best of all, they’re gluten free, dairy free, tree nut free and have no preservatives.

9. Nut Butter

A healthy alternative to get some of your daily recommended fat. Beware that some might be packed with sugar or not so healthy ingredients so read the label carefully. Brands like Justin’s Almond Butter might be a little costly, but their almond butter is tasty!

10.  Siggi’s Yogurt

Siggi’s is an Icelandic style yogurt made with few ingredients and little to no sugar. There are tons of flavors like vanilla, strawberry, blueberry and lemon. Bonus? These are packed with protein!


Meagan Loyd is a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying Professional Writing at Gaylord College of Journalism. She loves Target, Starbucks, quarter-zip sweatshirts, Chicago Cubs Baseball, Sooner Football, and all of the books!
Emily Parker

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Hi my name is Emily Parker and I am a senior at the Univeristy of Oklahoma! I am from Tucson, Arizona and I am majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Art. After graduation I would like to travel abroad and pursue a career in fashion marketing!