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30 Things to Be Thankful For That We Often Take For Granted

As Thanksgiving approaches, we begin to reflect on what we’re thankful for. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things we often neglect that truly make life worth living. 


1. Sunrises/Sunsets

2. The smell of a home-cooked meal

3. Dairy-free cheese puffs

4. Do Not Disturb Mode 

5. Face masks

6. Cozy blankets

7. Body pillows

8. Rainy days

9. Long road trips

Ezra Jeffrey Comeau
Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau / Unsplash

10. Dog videos on the internet

11. Inside jokes

12. Really soft tissues

13. Waking up with clear skin

14. Not having to set an alarm

15. Fresh fruit 

farmers maket

16. Time to be with extended family

17. The ability to call home whenever we want

18. The feeling we get when we hear the theme songs of shows we grew up with

19. Snow

20. When you finally get your back or neck to pop

21. The ability to see color

22. The ambiance of fairy lights

23. Driving with the windows down

The way to the cabin
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

24. Seat heaters

25. Air conditioning

26. When you bring your dog/cat into your room and they don’t run away from you

27. A clear night sky

28. The tranquility of being underwater

29. Tik Tok compilations on YouTube

30. How much our family loves us


Jessica Klinger

Oklahoma '23

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