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What’s in Our Box? : Garnier Miracle Nectar Review

The struggle of finding the right product the keep your hair silky smooth can be hard, especially when you have natural curls that can easily be damaged by use of heat. Each time I straighten, curl, or press my curls I find myself having to deal with the task of nursing my hair back to health. I have tried almost everything for these curly locs of mine from heat protection and cantu cream to the most pricy shampoo and conditioner. But after each heat application and leave in treatment, my hair seems to revert back to the same old frizzy, damaged, tangled mess. Recently Her Campus HQ sent in some great products for us to try which included GARNIER Whole Blends repairing leave-in Miracle Nectar and my hair has been changed forever to say the least.

Just once a week after a normal hair wash, instead of putting my usual cantu curl cream in, I run a handful of the Whole Blends cream through my hair and let it air dry like normal. Since starting this, I’ve noticed that not only are my split-ins in better shape, but my hair has gained a better, silkier texture, as well as made it a million times easier to apply heat and brush out.

This product is paraben free, for all hair types, and can be purchased at Walmart, Target, and Amazon for just $7. After a few washes I rate this product 9/10 for the results I’ve seen for my hair type.


Noah Ratliff

OK State '22

Freshman multimedia journalism major
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