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What’s up Chuck

Chuck Taylor, you have taken over Oklahoma State’s Campus! No matter what color or if it is low or high rise converses are taking over Stillwater. Students are in love with these comfortable and trendy shoes that never really went out of style but are making a new huge splash. This spring there are about four ways our can wear these shoes on OSU’s campus.

One newer way to wearing them is the loungy way. All it takes is a pair of Nike Shorts and a shirt or tank and you have got the apparel of about 40 percent of our women students right now.

                                                                                                                    ( Photo Credit to HerCampus-Ashley Raleous)

But wait, there is more for your loungers or at least those of us that refuse to let yoga pants die on this campus. Just some yoga pants full or cropped will do and again a shirt or tank and for me a nice flannel or chambre button up. 

                                                                                                                             ( Photo credit to Glambistro.com)

Need to get your party on? No, Problem these work them to for your casual weekend gatherings just hop on your trendy high waisted shorts and those hot new crop tops and you are set to show off what your got! 

                                                                                                                           (Photo credit to  Wheretogetit.com)

                                                                                   (I really reccomend this website it is so awesome with tons of variations of outfits and where to find it all!!)

Finally,for the outfits, lets dress it up. Just find a cute simple dress and the right color of converse and you have go yourself the recipe for a the anywhere anytime cute outfit. Going from a BBQ to a concert no problem this outfit can take you almost anywhere! 

                                                                                                                                 (Photo credit to Emily Slenni)

Now the real finally, just some awesome ways to decorate your Chucks to stand out or to just be crafty on a Saturday night. 

You can get them Monogramed! 

                                                                                                                    (Photo credit and you can buy them on Etsy!)

And then there is painting them! Also, for those not so crafty you can also buy them on Etsy

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Strategic Communications Senior at Oklahoma State Univeristy! Go Pokes! I'm a small town girl that is always looking for new places and adventures! I'm obsessed with yoga and road biking! My passion is with non-profit and volunteer service, although I'm a total advertising junkie! I'm pretty weird, and in the best way, spunky and spontaneous! 
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