My Favorite YouTube Site for Yoga

I have always wanted to be that type of person who goes to the gym every day, has the ability to stick to a strict dieting program with enthusiasm, do this for months, like the people I see every day who can do it, and do it because they’re happy to do it. But, some things don’t work for everyone the same. Everybody is different. Personally, going to the gym every day sounds great, but I can never actually get myself up and go. Along with the fact that I would have no idea what the hell I would be doing once I got there and would probably stay glued by the elliptical and treadmill with the burning question in the corner of my mind of whether or not to go try some of the other equipment, irking me and causing me more frustration. Not only that, but I could never seem to find the time nor care enough to go to the gym. Yes, having a tiny waist and flat stomach, again, sounds great, but I quite like my body and feel no need to adjust it based on what others view it as. And don’t even get me started on dieting. I’ve tried, and it’s a snooze fest for me. The only thing that really interested me was my health. Was I healthy? It didn’t feel like it when I would lose my breath after walking up one flight of stairs. So, I wanted to make a small change, for me and my wellbeing. Not just to look good (if that is what came out of it) but to feel good, and be happy. That’s when I was introduced to yoga.

When I was 15, my mother was very much into the fitness game. Going to the gym every day and drinking protein shakes like water. One day, her friends invited us to an Acro Yoga class. A more advanced type of yoga that involved balancing on your partner's feet in the air while they lay with their backs on the ground with the intention of not dropping you. It was fun nonetheless and I very much wanted to go back. But of course, being 15 and with no means of transportation or money to join the class, I had to improvise, and that's when I found Yoga With Adriene. 

yoga zen yoga bear

Adriene is a YouTuber with her YouTube channel that provides free yoga lessons for people who want to learn more and be involved, but don’t know where to begin. But good news, she has many playlists and videos ranging from “Yoga for Beginners” to “Yoga for Anxiety”. Her channel has various types of videos for people to watch and practice right in the comfort of their home. There is no need to leave! Just pull out a yoga mat (or towel - that’s what I did before I got my own yoga mat) and follow along with her. I’ve been subscribed to this channel and practiced with her videos for the last 5 years and I have enjoyed it every step of the way. Not only has her channel helped me physically, making me healthier and happier, but it has improved my mental health tremendously. Through my daily (or weekly practice, depending on my mood), I have grounded myself, becoming more energized and centered. 

The biggest reason why I enjoy this channel is Adriene herself. Through her videos, she always shines a smile and guides us through each step that she takes and she never enforces the idea of “one way is the best way”. With her, she gives a certain softness and exudes a kindness towards her audience. Enlightening them throughout her practice and always provides words of encouragement that I personally have found comforting. 

I will say, this recommendation is meant to help you if you are interested in yoga, whether it be for physical health, mental health, or maybe both. If it works for you, I encourage you to continue doing it. But I advise that you don't rush into things, and her channel will help you through that. Start off with her beginner's playlist and take it from there. Try not to strain yourself or push yourself too far. As I said, this is my favorite site for yoga, and it's what made me love it so much. If you’re someone who is interested in starting a yoga practice, I strongly suggest going to her channel, subscribing, and as Adriene always says, “find what feels good”!