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Eat Turkey and Still Fit in the Skinny Jeans


Thanksgiving is a week away and I know I am looking forward to the delicious food. But, after the stuffing comes the guilt, coupled with the cold weather that has ruined my motivation to go to the gym. I have researched healthy tips to avoid overeating and home-workouts you can do anywhere.

 Going home for the holidays usually means stuffing your face. Not only do we celebrate this special day with all of our favorite comfort foods, but we also have friends to meet and catch up with. Often, it is easy to just say, meet me for coffee, or lets grab some dinner.

 FitSugar health blog offers some great advice to help us plan ahead and avoid having to pull out the elastic-waist pants.

5 Tips the blog suggests are:

1. Coordinate your cheat day with a holiday party you know you are going to attend.

2. Instead of meeting for drinks, schedule time to take a walk or run to catch up with family and friends you are seeing over the holidays.

3. Put your workouts in your calendar so you stick to your fitness plan.

4. Stock your fridge with healthy snacks and produce so you can eat something healthy before heading out to a party.

5. Sign up for a boot-camp, fitness class or a local Turkey Trot so you will have an obligation to go burn calories.

When it comes time to sit around the table and give thanks, remember do not overload your plate. Try everything in moderation. Make sure to always drink water. Sometimes your body feels hungry, but in reality you are just thirsty. Drink a big glass of water, and then decide if you really need to make an extra trip to the fridge. Finally, do not change your meal habits. Skipping breakfast so you can stuff in more turkey is never wise. Eat a protein and fiber filled breakfast to keep your metabolism amped. Warm oatmeal is my go-to fall and winter breakfast.

Like I said earlier, the cool weather makes me want to head home, curl up in a blanket and read a book. Women’s Health Magazine has awesome suggestions for at-home workouts. The link provided will take you step-by-step through a series of workouts that don’t require any equipment. The workouts even have a playlist of music to get you pumped up! If you like to brave the cold and want to take a nice jog outside, remember to bundle up, wear light layers that do not inhibit you from moving and remember a hat.

The holiday season has arrived. Do not fear the food or the weather. Stick to your normal routine. Remember, always give thanks and cherish your friends and family! 

I am a junior studying strategic communications, at Oklahoma State University. I am interested in PR, working for an agency, reputation management or writing for a health magazine. Like everybody else I am addicted to Pinterest, I try to bake healthy food but it somehow always turns into a sugar-filled cake. I love to hike, bike, hang glide and do pretty much everything in my Chacos.
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