Birds Are Flying Everywhere!

A few weeks ago I walked up the stairs to the fourth floor of my dorm, or perhaps I took the elevator at that time. I can’t remember. Anyway, I unlock the door to the floor I share with twenty-seven other people. As usual, a clamoring of noise breaches my ears. It’s been a long day, but the noise isn’t annoying, it's pleasant. My floormates aren’t talking about school; just anything interesting about their day. The conversation is excited, relaxed, and light. I’m not really focused on the actual conversation as I walk into my room to deposit my backpack and grab a bottle of water from my mini refrigerator. As I walk back into the common room and throw myself onto the nearest chair I tune into the conversation that has my friends all riled up. They are talking about riding birds and buying chargers for the birds and making vivid plans to capture the birds. It takes a full three to four minutes for my tired brain to register the fact that my friends are talking about the new scooter buzzing around campus for the past week and a half.

Their words come fast and disjointed. But one thing is clear. They are enamored with these scooters. I had only seen them on the front page of the O’Colly once, but apparently, they have become a popular mode of transportation on college campuses.

During our late night conversation, I learned that “birds” were new electric scooters used by college kids to get around campus faster. Once a student has gotten the app on their phone they are able to find all of the nearby birds. Once the student finds one they will input their personal information into the app and connect the bird. It costs a dollar to start the scooter and twenty cents for each minute it is in your possession.

I personally have not used a bird yet. I do think that the birds are a good idea, but I have too many things to pay for already. While the price is reasonable, it will stack up over time. For now, I will walk. But I have to admit it is quite fun to watch students zooming around pedestrians and cars. Hopefully, there won’t be too many bad accidents.