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Periods can be annoying, especially when you don’t know what you’re putting in your body to begin with. Like many young women I have struggled with tough period symptoms and a long cycle. As I looked into reasons why they were so long and painful something caught my eye, I saw an ad for an organic tampon company called “L.” As I researched the use of organic tampons I thought surly they would be far too expensive for a college student like myself but as I did some deeper digging I soon found that they were the exact same price as my usual “U by Kotex” brand. As this ad promised to shorted length and relive symptoms I decided to give them a try.

            I headed out and found them at Target for roughly $7 in a range of sizes and large quantities. Once I stated use I was surprised to find out how comfortable they were and noticed a HUGE difference right from the beginning. Not only did it feel like nothing was there but my body felt cleaner as I continued to wear them and my period shorted by 2 days just from the first use. While it did take another cycle to calm down the cramps everything else had really improved. While there are plenty of other brands of organic tampons L seems to be my personal favorite; but check it out for yourself! L tampons can be purchased online, at Target, and CVS for a reasonable price and great sustainability!


Noah Ratliff

OK State '22

Freshman multimedia journalism major