5 Tips to Keep Social Media Clean

Spring has sprung and so has the urge to participate in job interviews! Here are 5 quick helpful tips on how to keep your social media clean so you can rock the interview process.


  1. 1. 1. Google Yourself

    The best way to keep things clean is to know what’s out there already. Millennials are the generation most likely to search themselves on Google. Does your name appear under articles or photos that would be appropriate? What happens if you go under the ‘images’ or ‘videos’ tab? Search for personal information that may come in the search.

  2. 2. 2. View/Post on Instagram as if your Mom and Grandma follow you

    If your Grandma looked at your profile, would she give you food and approve? Make sure to post clean, friendly photos on social media. Refrain from posting pictures with red solos or red-eye pictures that could be taken the wrong way. Just think before you post.

  3. 3. 3. Control your privacy settings

    Not everyone has to see what you post. On many platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook; you can choose who sees your posts. You can have people request to follow you so it is not 100% public. Remember: just because you have the privacy settings on doesn’t allow you to post whatever you want.

  4. 4. 4. Scan ALL your profiles  

    This may or may not be limited to: Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and potentially others. Pay close attention to what you post to each social media platform. You don’t want to be posting a function picture on to your LinkedIn page.

  5. 5. 5.Channel Your Inner Professional

    Post updated photos from work functions, appropriate school functions, relevant articles to your field of study/work, and share important news. Don’t be inactive on your social media, but choose what you want your retweet or tag to be mentioned in. Whatever it may be, it will have your name attached.