10 Aesthetically Pleasing Movies

I have always enjoyed beautifully shot movies, even before becoming an art student.  However, when I began studying the principles of design, I realized there were skills and techniques used that made the movies I loved so attractive to me.  I appreciate these aesthetically pleasing movies so much more now.  If you like to watch moving works of art here are 6 aesthetically pleasing movies you need to watch ASAP! 

  1. 1. Ponyo

    I know, we used a different Studio Ghibli movie in the thumbnail. That's because ALL Studio Ghibli movie's deserve a mention (and I didn't want to give away the list that easy).  I chose to list Ponyo because I am doing an art project over this movie and have taken the time to really appreciate the visuals from this movie.  The complimentary color scheme in a lot of the scenes with Ponyo and her orange hair contrasting against the blue ocean are gorgeous enough, but add in the intricatly developed envionments Studio Ghibli is known for throughout the entire movie and you get a breathtaking world.

  2. 2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Another one of those series of movies in one mention, The Grand Budapest Hotel is just one of the many beautiful Wes Anderson movies to see.  I chose this one because it is my absolute favorite.  Maybe it's the boujee lifestyle of the residents, the set and wardrobe design, or just that I love the color pink.

  3. 3. Call Me By Your Name

    Scrolling through the still images of this movie made me want to watch it all over again.  You may be thinking, why did she choose this over a better picture of the boys in front of an ocean backdrop or the lush greenery of the field they had their first kiss in?  While I love those pictures, it's this shot that gets me excited.  The COMPOSITION.  This framing and use of space gives me goosbumps.

  4. 4. Harold and Maude

    What may seem like a creepy movie if you were to read the plot summary, turns out to be a light hearted and hilarious romcom.  The authentic 70s vibe of this movie (from 1971) juxtaposed with the themes of death and unhappiness make this movie so visually interesting. There are tons of life advice gems given by the beloved Ruth Gordon as Maude as well as a beautiful soundtrack by the great Cat Stevens (who now goes by Yusuf) that add to the beauty of this film.  There's a reason it's considered a cult classic!

  5. 5. Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You is a surreal daydream of our reality bleeding into folktale.  This movie has so many layers to it that it's easy to miss some of the more subtle yet beautiful things about it.  My favorite being the way Detriot (Tessa Thompson) is portayed in every shot she's in.  Because she is the love interest of our protagonist, Cassius, she is often shot in a way that highlights her beauty in an unrealistic way.  She is often accompanied by soft music and, in at least one instance, actual twinkles. Although, these would not be things many people would project onto a strong activist character like herself.

  6. 6. Her

    Her is another one of those movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel that have a consistent color story.  The pale nude tones combined with the reds and pinks evoke the blushing skin of a woman in love, possibly in place of this movie's lack of one.

I hope that if you haven't seen these movies that you give them a try. If you have seen any of these movies do you agree?  Are there other art-like films we should watch? Let us know!