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Why College is Better Than High School

Life is always about waiting; waiting for tomorrow to come, next week to arrive, a year to pass by, etc. In elementary school, we just wanted to be in middle school. As soon as middle school came, the only thing on our minds was high school. But once high school came, it FLEW by, and that’s when we became a part of the big leagues. College. I think we can all agree, whether we’re seniors, juniors, sophomores, or even freshmen, that college is by far the best experience of our lives… and here’s why:


1. We’re finally on our own!

Yes, that means no Mom or Dad repeatedly screaming at you to clean your room or having to text them periodically letting them know where you are. You know what that means… WE’RE FREE!

2. Classes become INTERESTS; not just a requirement you need to fulfill.

That’s right, no more taking math if math CLEARLY isn’t your favorite thing in the world. No more science or boring history classes (unless you’re a history major or something, that’s totally fine), but seriously you can find the coolest and most random classes ever once you are in college. Gardening class, anyone?!

3. The organizations/clubs are endless!

It’s not just your boring old student government and competitive sports… instead, clubs of all sorts are found in college! Ranging from organizations related to your major, to recreational sports to play just for fun or maybe even something you’ve always found interesting but never had a chance to fully try …  we’ve got you covered.

4. The number of people is RIDICULOUS.

Okay, this is speaking to those who go to larger colleges, but even the smallest colleges are most likely going to be at least 50% larger than your high school class. This means if there was ever that super annoying girl that you couldn’t avoid because you shared all honor classes with her, you can definitely avoid her in college. The opportunity to meet (and also, hide from!) an abundance of people is always an option.

5. And last, but not least, it really sets in that you are finally growing up.

No more relying on Mommy and Daddy for money when you want to go out with friends for dinner (or out to the bars). These are the big leagues and although it may not be all fun and games (even though, that part is DEFINITELY a nice touch), every second of college will be worth it if you let it be.

But don’t you fret, high school, you will always be remembered.



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