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Now that we are in college, it feels like we are attending interviews left and right. Interviews to get into organizations on campus, for on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, internships, and post-graduation jobs. So much stress can come along with interviews such as worrying about what questions they’ll ask, how you are going to answer, whether or not your resume looks okay, and the biggest worry of all… waiting for the email or phone call offering you an interview. With all of this on our minds, the last thing we need to worry about is what we should wear. To keep you from worrying, I have four pieces of clothing that are staple interview pieces you should keep in your closet. These items can be found just about anywhere, for example, you can find some affordable options at Goodwill, Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, or JCPenney.


One of the most important staple pieces is a blazer. If you do not get any other piece on this list, get a blazer. You can make almost any outfit look more professional with one. For example, black jeans, a black shirt, and a blazer is a perfect outfit for an amateur interviewee. Blazers come in different colors, patterns and styles. Pick one that you feel confident and cute in. If you find one that you love, it will automatically put some of your nerves at ease when you put it on.

Dress pants or a skirt

While leggings are comfortable, they will not help you land your dream job. I personally do not like how I look in dress pants and I do not feel comfortable or confident which makes me even more nervous for interviews. Therefore, my go to is a pencil skirt that hits just above the knees. It is important to make sure that your bottoms are appropriate and professional looking. That means, your skirt should not be too tight or short and your pants of choice should not be jeans or leggings. If you choose to have a black blazer, feel free pair to it with patterned or colored pants or a skirt.

Black and nude flats or heels

If any of you are like me, you will always choose tennis shoes over heels. But sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for your dream job. The third item you should have in your closet is a pair of black or nude flats or heels. The color should be determined by the other pieces of your outfit. For example, if you choose to wear a black blazer and pants then you should choose black flats or heels. Be sure to choose a pair that is comfortable and that you are confident walking in. The last thing you want is to be worried about falling when walking to shake hands with your future boss.

A purse of portfolio

When going into an interview, you want to make sure that your hands are free in order to make a good first impression with your handshake. To keep your hands free, you want to have a purse or at least a padfolio. If you choose to go with a purse, I still recommend making sure you put your resume in a folder in order to keep it from wrinkling or crumbling. You do not want your resume to look like it has been stuck at the bottom of your purse for two months. A purse also allows you to have a place to put your keys and phone as well. A padfolio is also great to keep your resume, you can also keep a notebook and pen inside to take notes or write down questions you want to ask.

Sarah Williams is a second year student majoring in Communication Studies at the Scripps College of Communications and minoring in Marketing. On campus, Sarah is a member of Ohio U Army ROTC. In her free time, she watches Netflix, enjoys going home to WV to spend time with friends and family, and has spontaneous movie nights with her roommates.
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