What to do when that easy class isn’t what you expected


    Just about everyone will take an easy class to achieve credits while maintaining their grade point average. A majority of the time, these classes are just what they seem - easy. The coursework may be light or easy and the class is easily passed. On the other hand, there is the chance that the easy class is not as easy as expected. The exams are hard, there is a significant amount of reading or simply more out-of-class work than expected. Here are five tips to help through this difficult class:


1. Make friends in the class

Start a conversation and exchange numbers with those who sit around you. Come together and form a study group or help each other with homework problems. This will help make the class easier by improving studying, as well as giving an outlet for students who can relate and vent about the class together.


2. Go to office hours

Form a relationship with the professor. They will help you through the class with any questions regarding the material, studying, and exams. This will also be helpful in the future for networking or letters of recommendation.


3. Get a tutor

Tutors are easily accessed through the Academic Achievement Center in Alden Library. Find this help before exams to start studying and understanding any material in advance.

4.  Actually, study

While the class was meant to be easy, it is the unfortunate truth that you must actually study. When it comes down to it, it is a hard class and you have to do what is necessary to pass whether that is through studying, reading or doing the homework.

5.  Drop if necessary

When worse comes to worse, drop the class. This is the final option and should only be used in the emergency situation that you cannot keep up with the coursework along with your other classes.

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While balancing school, work, and a social life, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and really study. When facing a hard class, this is what must be done even when it wasn’t what was expected to happen this semester.