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What To Do If This Is Your Last Semester

Spring is already here and along with it, many people will be entering their last semester of college. Maybe you’re planning to graduate soon, or this might be the last semester in which you take classes but you’re taking a little more time to work on graduation projects. Either way, there are certain things that you need to do now so that your last semester is also a time to remember. While some of these have to do with important guidelines you need to remember, others focus on making sure that your college-life comes to an exciting end. Here are a few things you should consider working on during your last semester.

Get ready for the ‘real’ world

Since you’re graduating soon you are probably planning to get a job soon after. Now is the time to start working on your skills to make sure that your professional life has a solid foundation. Most universities have dedicated career centers to mentor students, don’t hesitate to go there and ask about their programs. If you want to update your resume it’s best to seek advice from one of your professors (preferably one belonging to the field you’re interested in) so you know which of your achievements to highlight.

Make some connections

Most of us would rather throw up than make a phone call (same here), but socializing is integral in finding out opportunities that exist out there. So many amazing jobs are never advertised online, people in the industry just ‘know’ about them. Over the years networking has become a dirty word, reserved for the friendships you seek out for selfish reasons. But when making connections it’s important to remember that not only will these people offer you something valuable, you might also have something important to offer them! So, get in touch with the people you’ve interned with, the guest speakers whose work you liked and of course your professors. Let them know that you’re looking for opportunities that will match your interests. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people are willing to help.

Plan a graduation trip with your friends

After spending years at a college you’ve probably built a tight-knit friend circle. Some of these people might stay in your life, some of them will not. This time that you spent attending long classes, finishing up assignments the hour before they were due and opening up about personal struggles; will never be replicated again. To make these last few days a little more special plan a trip with your friends which you can take once you all graduate. It doesn’t have to be a luxury glamping trip, just a weekend with close friends is enough to lift up your mood.

Purva was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and is now a graduate journalism student at Ohio University. She is interested in women's magazines and issues of diversity in the media.
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