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So, you got the job. Congrats! Whether it’s an internship or your first job post-grad, know that this is a huge step onto the path called adulthood. But, what should you be doing on the job to get another internship or move up the job ladder? Keep scrolling to find out!

Be Responsive

It’s well-known that any internship or entry-level job is at the bottom rung of the job ladder. That does not mean you are any less critical in the workplace or that you can be lazy. What it means is that you have an opportunity to show how hard a worker you are. Make sure you respond quickly to emails or requests and be willing to do all sorts of tasks. Although they are small, these tasks make a huge impression on employers and show that you have a good attitude and are a team player.

Ask Questions

Another way to show you’re attentive is by asking questions. While you may worry that you should know how to do certain tasks or may come off annoying, asking questions shows that you want to do your job right and that you want to learn new skills. Again, this can impress employers and help you hone skills that may help you later in life. 

Make Connections

No matter what kind of position you hold at the workplace, be sure to find individuals you can connect with both in and out of the workplace. Some of your fellow co-workers could become mentors and help you secure another position in the company or find another job elsewhere. You’ll also be spending a decent amount of time in your office, so you’ll want to find people you mesh well with to spend time with outside of the workplace. Having friends at work can make your job more enjoyable and create new relationships, especially when you’ve had to relocate to a new area. 

Make Yourself Indispensable

While you may view your new job as a stepping stone, you should treat it like this could be the job you have for forever. By keeping a good attitude and being reliable, you are creating yourself to become an employee that is absolutely essential to keep the office going. You may not think employers are watching you make another cup of coffee or answer the phones efficiently, but they are. Once they know how reliable you are, your boss may be willing to give you more responsibilities, a promotion, or willing to recommend you to other colleagues in different departments or companies. 

As you can tell, the first job/internship is pretty important. Not only does it mark your independence, but it is also the beginning of your career. By keeping a good attitude about things, you’re sure to keep climbing the ladder, making friends, and moving towards your dream job. Good luck, readers!

Caitlin Hunt

Ohio U '21

Caitlin Hunt is a fourth year journalism news and information student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. On campus, Caitlin is involved with the Ohio Fellows, Cru, and is a Templeton Scholar. She has served as a TODAY Show intern and a NAJA fellow. In her free time, she takes in as much pop culture as she can! She is always watching tv shows and movies, listening to music and obsessing over the latest Broadway musical. Check out her monthly blog, Caitlin's Pop of Culture to see what she's watching!