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The truth about diet pills

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Don’t take the easy route to weight-loss.

Wake up, get ready, go to class, cram for exam, type paper, finish homework, go to meetings, more work and then time for bed. With a schedule like this, it can be difficult for college students to find the time to have a proper meal or exercise. When there doesn’t seem to be enough time to keep in shape, a pill can seem like a quick, easy solution. Diet pills are becoming more and more common. There are reports that fight for their effectiveness and then there are others that fight against their use. However, what needs to be considered is how the pill works, side effects and possible alternatives to turn to instead that fit into a busy schedule.

The truth about diet pills:

There are diet pills that are prescribed by doctors. Even though some of these supplements are approved, there are still side effects. Doctors mat also prescribe weight-loss supplements if an individual is obese or at risk for diabetes. Typically, a doctor would not suggest for an individual wanting to lose less than 30 pounds to take this type of supplement. The pills work in ways that curbs appetite, burn calories and even makes food taste less appealing. They also prevent key enzymes in the stomach from absorbing and breaking down the fats consumed. Due to this, it is often recommended that the pills are taken in moderation and for short-time use. In addition, not all of the diet pills, especially over-the counter, are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. These pills contain ingredients that have been reported to cause liver problems, heart problems and strokes.


It’s important to know that diet pills are not the only solution, as there are several of other options to weight-loss. Time can be an issue, but there are ways to get around it and still be active and healthy.

1. The gym may seem like an impossible task when there does not seem to be enough time in the day, but it’s important to make the time. Include a visit to the gym in your schedule at a set time each day. This will help make it a priority of something that needs to get done. Another way to schedule a workout into the day is to make it the first priority. Start exercising in the morning before the craziness of the day even starts. An early morning routine will also give an extra boost of energy.

2. Tea is a great go-to option in order to help with weight-loss. As a natural product, it works to curb appetite. It works by reduced cravings, increasing the metabolism and cleansing the lymphatic system. Try drinking tea between meals and the results will start to show.

3. Don’t forget that confidence is always half of the battle! Be sure to look at yourself in a positive way. Part of staying healthy means having poise. Self-confidence improves self-esteem and can help make a person feel good about themselves.

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