Recipes For A Juice Cleanse

Recently, I have been interested in doing a juice cleanse. We watched a video in my nutrition class about a man who had a disease and was overweight. He did a 60-day juice cleanse and only ate fruits and vegetables and lost over 100 pounds. He continued the cleanse even after the 60 days and was eventually taken off the medicine for his disease. I don’t need to lose weight, but I think that I could start definitely eat healthier and maybe use a smoothie as a snack replacement. I am going to try a juice cleanse for about 7 to 10 days and see where it takes me. A quick disclaimer- the individual in the film decided to see a doctor every 10 days to make sure they were still healthy and everything was okay, I will not be doing that, but just know that the option is there. Here are some recipes I found while doing research that I wanted to share with you guys.

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I hope this was helpful! I can't wait to start my journey.