OU Fest Season Attire

When you say fest to most people, their first thoughts vary from Coachella to Bonnaroo to Tomorrowland. When you say fest to OU kids, it means basically all of campus converging onto a street and radically stressing out the Ohio University police force. Being a fashion major, I’m always curious what people are going to wear. To the aforementioned concerts, it’s usually Vanessa Hudgens chic with Kendall Jenner sprinkled in. That is definitely not the case here.

(Photo courtesy of justjaredjr.com)

(Photo courtesy of gotceleb.com)

 At OU, fest attire can literally be summarized in one word: jerseys.

Nothing else.

I swear everywhere you look during any fest you will see a sea of braids, circular sunglasses, jerseys and Converse.

(Photo courtesy of collegeweekly.com)

Honestly, I don’t get the appeal of wearing jerseys. Many ladies don’t wear pants under either. And while I’m all for big shirts that I don’t have to wear pants with, I never wear those out of the house. Wearing this to a party venue would be bold-- if literally everyone and their mother didn’t do it as well.

Like, yes I get that it is the trend. But at any other music festival, the whole idea of it is to like stand out. But when every one wears a jersey, it just blends in.

But if you’ll excuse me now, I’ve got to practice braiding my hair and find my jersey now. Because this is college and I want to be cool too.

(Photo courtesy of thenewyorkdailynews.com)