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New Year Resolutions I’ll Probably Break

One of the best parts about a new year is that you have a chance to try to become a better person. I love writing down my resolutions and swearing to myself that this is the year I’ll accomplish them. The problem is that half my resolutions have been written down every year and by January I manage to completely break them. Naturally, you can’t make a resolution in the middle of the year so there’s nothing I can do until January 1st.


I’m going to start eating super healthy!

Well, tomato is a vegetable and it’s on my pizza so close enough


 This is the year I get super organized!

I’ll buy a new planner and cute office supplies but I’ll probably still end up putting off my huge English paper until the night before it is due.


I’m going to spend less time on social media!

But there are so many things to pin and so many Buzzfeed quizzes to take.


While I’m getting organized this is going to be the semester I get a 4.0!

I will probably lose my motivation about three weeks in and debate whether I still like my major.


 I’m going to start saving more money!

This lasted all of two days until I shopped the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I now have very nice bras and very little money.


I’m going to go out less!

But hey, you have to live your life! You can stay in when you’re in the real world.


I’ll spend less time watching Netflix!

Now is a better time than ever to re-watch The Office for the millionth time.


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Ohio University Class of 2018 | Psychology major West Virginia native now living in Athens. I love traveling, eating junk food and quoting The Office. You'll probably find me yelling at a TV while watching football. 
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