The New iPhone Update is Driving Me Insane

The new iPhone iOS 11.1 update seemed like a great idea at first. I personally saw my sister’s phone and thought, “Wow that looks so cool. I’m going to update my phone!” Yeah, well, now I regret it. The excitement lasted for about 10 minutes until my phone started acting up. 

I understand Apple now wants us to buy the new iPhones on the market and this update is supposed to slow down and glitch all older phones to increase the demand, but my broke, college self can’t afford it. I’m still on the iPhone 6 and there’s little hope my parents are buying me a new phone since they believe I’m an ‘adult’ and can now take care of myself. Mom and dad, if you’re reading this know I have 4 dollars in my bank account currently, and it’s going toward Wendy’s 4 for 4 for lunch… not toward my new phone.   

Battery Life 

The battery life is killing me. As someone who is always on their phone for work and school, my phone is constantly using battery. It’s bad enough that I forget to charge it most nights and head to class with a battery level under 20 percent, but now it’s worse. I’ve found myself with a dead phone at least twice a day since I updated. It’s annoying beyond belief. 


OK, so I thought my phone sucking up battery was bad. But, it’s not nearly as bad as the constant glitching that happens almost every time I try and use my phone now. First of all nothing loads anymore. My entire phone seems to be slowed down to grandma speed, and I get so frustrated that I stop even trying. Second of all, my phone has been freezing and refusing to send stuff. For example, I was trying to send photos to my cousin and every time, the entire screen would freeze. I couldn’t type in her contact name. I couldn’t cancel the message. I couldn’t do anything. Finally, the most annoying thing about the glitching is that my phone will randomly restart. All. The. Time. It happens almost once a day, and I surely don’t understand why. Nothing is more frustrating than typing out a novel text for your phone to restart… 

The Use of I

This iPhone update glitch was annoying at first, but in a way it’s grown on me. You all know what A ? means right? I find it humorous. Every time people type I it now comes out as a capital A and a question mark in a box. At first it seemed like an annoyance, but now it’s funny. 

Maybe one day I will be able to upgrade my iPhone 6, but until then looks like I will be dealing with a glitchy phone.