My Thanksgiving Tradition

I may have an unusual holiday tradition in my eyes but it makes me happy and that’s all that matters! My holiday tradition lands on Thanksgiving going into the Friday after and is known as Black Friday. I started this tradition since middle school and now I am a senior in college so it’s been some time. I love shopping and I love things on sale even more!

It all started with my older sister; I went to visit her one year for Thanksgiving and she took me Black Friday shopping and that’s where it all began. I guess I have her to blame :) The following years, I went with different friends or my boyfriend or whomever wants to come with, honestly! Now that I am older, it is getting to a point where not many people want to come so I started going by myself. I absolutely LOVE it! Not many people understand it but it makes me happy. I plan way ahead and like to have things done well in advance so if I get some Christmas gifts out of the way early, it’s less stress!

I get asked by so many people, “why don’t you wait until Cyber Monday and just shop online?” Unpopular opinion, I don’t like online shopping! You can hate me but I strongly dislike paying for shipping. However, if they have free shipping and I’m aware I may go online after I shop Black Friday but I don’t like it. I love the thrill of being out all night, shopping with people you like and getting gifts for the ones you love. It puts me in the holiday spirit and like I said, I love it.