My Advice To Incoming Freshmen

I never thought that this day would come, my last first day of school. There are so many precious memories that I have made during my time here at Ohio University. Whether volunteering for an organization, crying in Alden, taking a stroll on College Green, or biting into a fresh mouth-watering piece of pizza at C-side, each moment being a Bobcat has been special. But I am not writing this post for myself, I am writing this for all the new Bobcats. So here is my advice to all the incoming Bobcats. Welcome hOUme everyone!

  1. 1. Join organizations on campus

    I have met my best friends, and had the most memorable nights by being part of the organizations I’ve joined. Joining UPC allowed me to dance on stage in front of hundreds of people and introduce Drake Bell. WOW! I will never forget my networking trip to NYC with OUMS, or modeling for Thread Magazine. You can even join HerCampus and write pieces like these! There is truly something for everyone. (I am mainly in Scripps based clubs, but I am positive all other organizations here are wonderful too!)

  2. 2. Make new friends, but keep the old

    If you had several friends from high school join you in your journey to Ohio University, that is AMAZING! But I challenge you to get out of your box and meet new people during your time here. There are so many interesting, lovely people that reside in Athens, and you should get to know them and make new friends and connections. I know it is daunting to meet new people, but take the time to really get to know classmates, people you meet in your res halls, your professors, other staff members, and community members. You won’t regret it. Each person you meet will add a little piece to your journey.

  3. 3. Stay local with your eats

    There are so many fantastic local places to eat around Athens, why would you eat anywhere else? Whether you like your coffee brewed at Brenen’s, Court Street Coffee, or Donkey Coffee, you can’t really go wrong. Each coffee shop has a different vibe, figure out where you feel comfortable and enjoy early mornings or late nights sippin your cup o’ joe. Let your mouth sizzle by biting into a piece of Courtside or Goodfellas pizza. Grab a shake at Larry’s Dog Shack and day dream about your trip to Union Street Diner. When you are of age, make sure to check out the locally brewed beer and burgers of Jackie O’s. The food options here are endless, don’t miss out on things like Big Mama’s because Chipotle is your go-to. 

  4. 4. Participate in programs the University offers

    There are so many unique and fun things that OU offers, grab your friends and go! If your friends refuse to go, then go alone. There is no shame in enjoying all the cool events OU has for students. Just a few repeat activities include Marti and Stewie craft nights every Thursday in West 82, Ohio Late Nights on Saturdays in Jefferson, and the OU concert series (find the schedule online). Next week you can even check out Sunrise Yoga, the Drag Show, Dueling Pianos, poetry slams, the Multicultural Expo, open mic-night in Baker, and a Hypnotist that is coming! As I previously said, UPC puts on events all the time that are free for students, come enjoy!

  5. 5. Cheer on your fellow Bobcats

    It is time to bleed green while cheering on your peers at sporting events. Dance along to the Marching 110 and keep your eyes peeled for flying balls and hockey pucks. Other than hockey, all sports events are free to get into and a blast to attend. I highly recommend attending at least one hockey game this year even if you have to spare a few dollars; the games are thrilling and totally worth it! Also, most times you can win free things at games, and who doesn’t love free things?

  6. 6. Learn

    The main purpose we come to school here and drop thousands of dollars is to learn. Learn and grow as an individual and take classes that interest you, even if they are outside of your major. If you ever catch yourself falling behind in a class reach out to your professors; they are there to help you thrive. There are also multiple resources on campus that you should take advantage of such as the Writing Center and the CLDC! There are going to be ups and downs in your journey at Ohio University, but as your time comes to an end you’ll look back and see all the late nights studying and stressful moments were worth it.

  7. 7. Be yOU!

    Most importantly, don’t let others influence your time and tell you what is and isn’t cool. Yes, OU is known for the parties and don’t get me wrong the parties are popping, but we are so much more than that. Athens is full of unbelievable experiences, and it is your right as a student to engage and enjoy them all. You are the only person that can truly mold how you spend your days at Ohio University and coming from someone graduating this year, time goes by way faster than you could ever imagine. 

Good luck this year Bobcats and remember OU, OH YEAH!