KC Beclay

KC Beclay is from a small town, Chesterland, Ohio and is a sophomore studying entrepreneurship. She recently accepted an internship with Quicken Loans in Detroit for this coming summer. She also is a writer for Her Campus Ohio U!

(Photo courtesy of KC Beclay)

  1. What is your name, hometown, year and major?

“I’m KC Beclay, I’m from Chesterland, Ohio and I’m a sophomore studying Entrepreneurship.” 

  1. How did you first hear about the Quicken internship?

“I heard about Quicken through my two good friends, Meghan and Mia. They attended the Quicken Loans workshop through their business fraternity. I was immediately intrigued after hearing about this. Obviously being from Cleveland, I’ve heard of Quicken through the Cavs, but after hearing about how interesting it was, I wanted to apply.”

(Photo courtesy of media.mlive.com)

3. What were the application/interview processes like?

“The application was a typical application with work history, etc, but the process went from online to receiving a phone call asking to set up an interview time and this began the quick process. It began over winter break and I applied late November. The interview was about a 30 minute interview with typical questions. Then I was in a series of 2 more interviews spread across a couple months, up until late February. I originally interviewed for mortgage banking in Cleveland then it changed to administrative assistant in Detroit and then to my current position, the project coordinator position for the IT department. So I had to cater what I wanted to say based on the position.”

  1. What internship position did you get and what does that entail?

“My job is to work under the project manager, sit in on meetings, help with planning of events and helping with contacting/keeping everyone in the loop. It’s a lot of behind the scenes work. I’ll also have the opportunity to shadow other sections of the company and later down the line, depending on how well I do, I may have a small part in leading the project I’m working on.”

  1. Did you automatically know you were going to take the internship? Why/why not?

“Quicken Loans was always my first choice. I thought it’d be interesting to live in a different city in the summer, but due to the time span of my interview process I wasn’t sure I would be interning with them because I had 2 other companies I was speaking to. I knew I wanted to be at Quicken because of the culture and experience. Quicken is number 4 for internships in the country and number 1 for IT.”

(Photo courtesy of hermanmiller.com)

6. What are you most excited for and what do you hope to take out of this opportunity?

“The thing I’m most excited for is being able to live in a different city because I’ve lived in the same small city of my life. I’m looking forward to seeing things in a new perspective, whether it be from living in a new city or working in the business world. I think I’ll gain a lot of more insight in what I want to do down the line after college.”

Best of luck, KC, and have so much fun!