It Is Time To Vote, And Here Is Why

The Millennial and Post-Millennial generations have become known for their lack of voter turnout. In 2012, less than half of the eligible voters actually voted. In 2016, the number was a little better, at 51%, but nothing compared to the 61% of Baby Boomers who voted (Fact Tank, 2018). Now it’s the 2018 midterm elections and we are all hoping our voter turnout increases. Our generation could move us in a different direction for politics because we account for half of the voter population.  

Right now our millennial generation is comprised of 44% minorities. This, and our views towards homosexuality, religion, and politics makes for a diverse generation. If we could take that diversity to the polls, we would end up in a much different place then we are now. Yet we still have some friends who think, “one vote doesn’t make a difference”, so let me tell you why that isn’t true.

Obama’s campaign benefited on his popularity with young voters and he won 67% of the young vote. For those that don’t yet understand politics, it is very hard for politicians to win the young votes. Another example was a Minnesota Senator winning by 312 votes. There have been many elections where those singular votes made a winning margin.

Young people have made a name for themselves through movements and protests. A few like gun control caused by the many school shootings, Black Lives Matter and the MeToo movement. This proves that our generation wants a change and they are willing to speak up for it. Protests and movements are great, but if we don’t all get out and vote we aren’t doing everything possible to change the current politics. We could easily change the policies on important issues like gun control and immigration, and the first step is by voting.

Besides the controversial topics, there are other political stances that we should think about. Voting for our cities can help put your tax money to good use. Voting for health care means that when you graduate from the university or parental healthcare there will be an affordable option for you. Voting on education can help decrease your student debt. Yes, some of these things take time. For example, I vote on student debt so that in the future maybe I’ll have debt forgiveness, but more so that my younger siblings can be rewarded because I chose to vote this year. The more you vote, the more you get to have input on government decisions.  

Let me reiterate this article into a summary that you can regurgitate to your friends. Our generation is full of diverse people who want to make a change. We are half of the voter population, but that number only matters if we all vote. Our opinions on current politics are different than our grandparents, so we need to vote because it’s our future now, not theirs. EVERY VOTE COUNTS, even for the midterm elections. The world is literally at our fingertips so do your research, keep your future in mind, and please vote.