How To Study For Midterms

We are well into the semester, meaning midterms are just around the corner. Here I am as your personal tutor...not. Although, I can help you with a few tips:

1. Sleep

For some reason, this tip is always at the bottom of the list, which I will never understand. I think this is the most important tip of all. If you don’t have a good night’s rest you can’t concentrate during classes let alone be productive during study sessions. If you haven’t been on a steady sleep schedule with at least seven hours of sleep, this is where you should start in your midterm prep.

2. Look at your notes

This tip is a bit vague, but that is because you should do what’s best for you. If you study well when you re-write or organize your notes, then do that. If you do best simply reviewing your notes, then do that. It is recommended to make your own study guide, so you can concentrate on topics that are hard for you and be very thorough when studying. Another tip, which we have all heard before, is that reading your notes soon after class and continually after that is the best way to retain the information.

3. Talk to your professors

Is there a concept you are still confused about? Do you have questions about the layout of the test? These things can be answered by your professor. If you go to office hours I bet they will answer any question, even some you didn’t know you had. Visiting professors during their office hours shows you really care about your grade and want to be successful, they are more than happy to help you.

4. Use your past tests and quizzes as a guide

Professors, like us, are pressed for time. They wouldn’t put a question on a test if they didn’t believe it was relevant to your learning. Use your old tests and quizzes to study. This can also be a great place to start since you can review the questions and concepts you got wrong.  

5. Take Breaks

Your work will still be there when you come back. Sitting in front of a book or laptop for hours on end is not working for you, don’t force it. When you start to get frustrated stand-up and stretch, take a walk, go buy a coffee, anything you want. Although I don’t recommend moving your eyes from one screen to another smaller screen, you know what I’m talking about. Taking a break via your phone is not a good break, it might end badly because Instagram is a black hole you will get stuck in. Her Campus content will just suck you back in, so check out our account if you decide to scroll on Insta. ;)

6. Plan Ahead

At the moment we are about two or three weeks out from the midterm week. I know many of our schedules vary, so I hope this article came out in time for you. That being said, planning ahead is a great way to become motivated and stay on a schedule. If you are a mega-planner, get that calendar out and schedule when you will study for each class. If you are more like me, I just put a reminder on my phone for the next two weeks to study for midterms. Either way, use this headstart to make a solid plan for how you will ace those tests.  

Let’s not forget some tips for the day of your exam.  

  1. Wake up earlier to ensure you won’t run late, and maybe review your study guides.

  2. Don’t forget to eat breakfast.

  3. Stay Positive!

Good luck on your midterms!