How to Rock Finals Week

Finals week is finally upon us. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel to this semester. If you’re anything like the stereotypical student, finals week is STRESSFUL! Here are a few tips to get you through this finals week with ease.

  1. 1. Work ahead

    To alleviate the stress of finals week, make sure that your work ahead as much as you can. This is possible by doing study guides or writing papers as soon as you can start.

  2. 2. Don't go overboard with caffeine

    While a cup of coffee or two might be helpful during finals week, it’s so important to not go overboard with your caffeine intake. You won’t want to crash or build up your tolerance so that you have to have more and more and more as the week goes on.

  3. 3. Eat!

    Sounds weird but when you’re in the zone, it’s easy to forget to eat. Bring healthy snacks and take breaks to eat a meal between studying and writing papers.

  4. 4. Write down your schedule

    Don’t forget your due dates and deadlines by physically writing down your finals schedule. Whether this is in a physical planner, or in your notes on your phone, it’ll help you stay on track throughout the week.

  5. 5. Make a checklist

    Have a to-do list for each day of finals week to help you know what is most important to do before the next day of finals. It’ll also be extremely satisfying to check things off of your list each day.

  6. 6. Take a break

    It’s okay to take a break during finals week. Don’t feel like you need to be in the library 24/7 just because other people are.

  7. 7. Try your hardest

    Don’t half-ass your finals. Knowing you tried your hardest and having that confidence will help you have a successful week.

  8. 8. Go to review sessions

    This is a given but go to review sessions! Even if you feel like you know the material, you never know what extra information you might gain about the final exam from going to a review session.

  9. 9. Sleep

    This is so important but please sleep. Take naps throughout the day, and try your hardest to sleep a full night’s worth of sleep. Studying more isn’t going to help you if you’re exhausted or sleep through the exam.

  10. 10. Prioritize yourself

    Lastly, make sure that you’re putting yourself first. Whether this is eating, sleeping, or telling your friends that you can’t go out, do what is best for you.

Good luck with finals Bobcats!