How To Perfect Your LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile might be the first impression you make on a future employer. While making sure you have a complete profile is important, there are endless tips on making sure your LinkedIn profile can stand out, while continuing to stay professional. Here are my tips on perfecting your LinkedIn account.

  1. 1. Have a profile picture

    Step 1: Have a profile picture!!! I cannot stress this enough. Even if you’re waiting for your professional headshot to be sent to you, have a picture of yourself. This will put a face to the name, as well as ensure that people who know you can recognize your profile and connect with you.

  2. 2. Use your summary to your advantage

    Make this a space to showcase your skills and talents. If you’re looking for a job or internship, use this area to state what you’re looking for and why.

  3. 3. Add your resume

    Adding your resume will let recruiters see your potential before even contacting you to try and get your information.

  4. 4. List any experience you have

    Treat the experience portion of your LinkedIn as if it were your online resume. While you might have your resume uploaded to your profile, everyone isn’t going to take the time to open the file. Having your experience listed here saves time and allows for unlimited space for the amount of experience or details you can provide.

  5. 5. Be proud of your accomplishments

    If you are given an honor, award, or have made accomplishments, be proud and show it off. This area not only shows you’re a hard worker, but shows that you’re being recognized by others. This is also the space to show off any languages you know.

  6. 6. List skills for people to endorse

    Listing skills on your page along with connections endorsing your skills can show an employer real proof that you know what you’re doing. Just make sure to not go overboard with the number of skills that you list.

  7. 7. Follow pages to show your interests

    Following pages can show who you’re interested in as a brand or as a future employer. Following a page can also show the type of interest you have to those viewing your profile and want to know more about you and what you care about.

  8. 8. Make connections

    Having connections on your LinkedIn will not only help you with new opportunities but will show that you’re an active member. Be purposeful when making connections by sending invitations to connect to people you know. If you want to connect with someone you don’t know for the purpose of a work opportunity, think about messaging them to build a connection and network.

  9. 9. Be creative

    Ultimately, have fun with your profile and be creative with the type of words or statuses you decide to post. Remember to keep it professional and imagine yourself as an employer looking at your profile for the first time.