How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer is fast approaching, which means many days of being tempted with Netflix marathons, lounging poolside, and gorging oneself at the corner ice cream store. And after a year packed with studying and schoolwork, nobody can judge you for indulging in these things now and then. However, instead of spending another summer catching up on celebrity gossip and napping to no end, try spending these next couple months making memories that will last longer than any tan line. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Get a summer job

Summer fun can be expensive! Concerts, amusement parks and trips to the mall add up. Even if it’s only part-time, making some cash will help you afford all the exciting things you want to do while the weather is nice. Hint: double up on tanning time and a paycheck by getting certified as a lifeguard!

2. Find an internship

Internships are a great way to prepare for the big-girl life you’ll one day be living, plus they look awesome on resumes. Check out the app Dapsity to start the search!

3. Travel

Pack your suitcase; it’s time for sightseeing! Traveling is a wonderful way to make memories and create new experiences. If you’re on a budget, try traveling by train or bus (they’re usually cheaper). Hostels provide a cheaper alternative to pricey hotels, and if you have relatives that live somewhere you’d like to visit, hit them up for a free bed - they might even make you breakfast, too! 

4. Volunteer for a local organization

Volunteering will give you those warm fuzzy feelings that are usually only achieved by watching YouTube videos of kittens sleeping. Besides that, donating your time and talents to others is another way to build your resume if you go somewhere that deals with a career you’d like. If you love animals, see if the local shelter needs help, or if you’re pursuing a nursing degree, sign up for a volunteer shift at a hospital. Just try not to volunteer as tribute, for obvious reasons.

5. Take a summer class

“Summer school” isn’t all that bad - think of how much easier it is to study if you’re floating on a pool chair with a lemonade in hand. Plus, taking a class at a local community college is really a money-saver, and many credits will transfer if you’re headed somewhere else in the fall.

6. Have a summer fling 

For those who just aren’t ready to give up the nonstop fun, finding a cutie to spend some late nights with by the fire is another option. Just don’t catch real feelings - come August, it’ll only make saying goodbye that much harder. 

No matter how you end up spending your summer, do it big and make it one to remember. Don’t let the warm days slip by while you’re napping in the hammock!